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About Me


I want to be completely honest with you because I feel that is the only way to be.

My name is Kate and for many many years, I did not love myself. I travelled a path that led me down and I ended up living on the streets and struggled with all kinds of addictions.

My life changed when I read books on the Law of Attraction and I came across Masaru Emoto's work about water having a consciousness. My whole purpose of being here changed. 

I met my husband and not long after our lovely daughter was born. I was now on a path of learning to love myself and manifesting the best possible life for my family. I now hope that you will drink the positive water and help manifest both a healthy mind and healthy body for you and your family. 

So when you purchase a water bottle from me, not only are you supporting my business, but more importantly, you are supporting my family. 

I am truly grateful, thank you x


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